winter cleaning

I’ve been laying low, it’s true – more about that another time. Meanwhile, in these days of downtime there are spurts of productivity, mostly catching up on things I’ve always meant to do. Or finish.

Like make my long lost first ever recording – my 2002 EP “Starter” – available to you! You can now download all 5 songs for free (or name your price) at Bandcamp. Huzzah!

Back in 2002, I had 350 copies of the cd made, with this artwork:


I have one left. The rest I sold and gave away. If you have one of these few cds, you may even have one of the rarer few which had a typo printed in the liner notes (Ewan Dean as opposed to Ewan Deane). Or you may have one where the dear man’s name is spelled correctly. Either way, I am indebted to him for making “Starter” possible.

Once those were gone, I started burning discs at home, printing/sewing the cases together in my living room. You may have one of those handcrafted gems, they look like this:


I am unsure of their numbers, but all of those are gone now too.

Enter Bandcamp.

You can now download all 5 songs for free (or name your price) in the format of your choosing (MP3, FLAC etc). It includes a pdf of the artwork from the homemade version.

I’m working on adding “Fell Out of Oz” and “The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker” to bandcamp along with some rarities of their own. Stay tuned.

Until the next spurt,


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