These Are My Children
Essay, first published in The M Word: Conversations about Motherhood
Edited by Kerry Clare and published by Goose Lane, April 2014.
“The most powerful story” – National Post

Finding New Life With a New Leg
“I hated my prosthetic leg for a long time….it was an awkward, cumbersome, painful accessory.”
Christa Couture on losing her left leg, shared live at The York, Vancouver, BC, for CBC’s DNTO, March 2015.

Wallflower, Late Bloomer
Honourable mention in Room‘s 2014 Contest Creative Non-Fiction category.

Canada is celebrating 150 years of… what, exactly?
Written during the country’s sesquicentennial for CBC’s project 2017.

Cyborg Chanteuse
Recorded live at Moses Znaimer’s ideacity in Toronto, 2016.

It’s Like Riding a Bike
“For Christa Couture, the simple child’s pleasure of riding a bike has eluded her until recently.”
Radio documentary for CBC’s OutFront, 2004.