The first time on camera with my leg off — and at 8 months pregnant

A side shot of a pregnant woman, Christa Couture, wearing a prosthetic leg.

This is big for me.

I did a photoshoot near the end of my pregnancy last fall, not just to capture the moment but to try something for the first time — and to hopefully make a dent in poor representation of disabled bodies.

The idea took shape over the summer, and when photographer Jen Squires agreed to work on the photos with me, I knew something beautiful would come of it.

I feel vulnerable sharing the photos (in an excited, important way, not a too-much way, don’t worry!), and I’m very excited that CBC Parents has posted the them, along with my story:

I Couldn’t Find Any Disability Maternity Photos, So I Made My Own

I’m thrilled with the how the images turned out, even more so now that I have a six-month-old and those days of waiting for her arrival seem like a lifetime ago. I didn’t want the standard preggo-photos; I wanted something that highlighted difference and for the focus to be both normalization and celebration of that difference.

Have a look.

Enormous thanks to Jen Squires for her photography and collaboration, to Native Women in the Arts for the space to shoot in, and to Kelty Lewis, makeup artist.

black and white photo of Christa sitting on the ground. Her eyes are closed and she's laughing. Her prosthetic leg is is leaning on the wall behind her.


  1. Dear Christa,
    How are you? Heard you on the radio today–CBC Tapestry–and thought I would look for the photos of yourself you described on the radio and in your conversation with one of your guests. You are truly beautiful–and you have such a pleasing voice. Oh, and by the way, what a gorgeous prosthetic! Thank you for sharing. I accept you with or without your prosthetic and I imagine many, many people feel the same way. I am glad you are being more accepting of yourself just the way you are. Not being two-legged as you put it does not at all affect you as a person or any love or affection or attention or respect that is shown you. You are very brave and very beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Christa, you are one of the most beautiful people I know. Not just through your music but you as a person. I sincerely hope you and I cross paths again next time you are in Calgary. Congratulations on your new arrival and in all you accomplish!

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