Two upcoming shows — and a baby!!

Yes, that photo is me and a brand new just-hours-old baby — MY baby, in fact, who came into the world in October.

“A baby, what?!” you’re thinking. I know — I really kept it on the down-low, up until the last few weeks of pregnancy when I posted a preggo pic to Instagram and then went on national radio to talk about the adventure (jump ahead to 5:30 to hear the story).

Short version as of today: she is magnificent and we’re all doing really well.

I mean, I’m exhausted to my core, but she is a delight, healthy and strong, and, this week, hell-bent on learning to roll over. It’s the best.

And lately while she naps, I’ve been sitting at my keyboard and picking up my guitar — after almost two years since I last played a show, I’ve got two special gigs coming up in Toronto and Vancouver.

Sunday February 25, with Tara Williamson
The Burdock, Toronto, ON
Early show | doors 6pm | Get tickets here

Thursday March 8, with Sarah Jickling and Kristina Shelden
The Cultch, Vancouver, BC
7:30pm | Get tickets here

As I wrote in May last year, I had to take time off from performing after my voice was injured in 2016. It’s been a slow recovery, but I finally feel ready to sing for you again. These two shows, in my two home towns, are going to be a chance to see how it feels to be back on stage. I’m nervous and excited and I hope to see many of you there.

Other than practicing, the only singing I have been doing is lullabies for the little one. CBC’s Now or Never came by and captured me singing this lullaby I wrote. Warning: may cause drowsiness.

From a very snowy day in Toronto to wherever you are — hopefully keeping warm and dry,


  1. Hi Christa – was in the car on Tuesday July 24th listening to you on Tapestry….I had to pull over and have a good cry. My own daughter, Emma, passed away 6 years ago on Friday July 13th. She was with a bunch of friends atop the parking garage in Peterborough – they were drinking and having fun. Emma did a marvelous pose on the edge of the barrier and fell to her death. Emma was 20 years old.
    I loved your comments about grief; just want you to know that my heart is with you, the loss of your two beautiful boys and the arrival of your most precious daughter.

    1. Hi Barb, thank you so much for the comment. Thank you for telling me about Emma — I will think of her. The anniversaries don’t get much easier, I find. I’m glad the conversation connected for you — I feel like when I do these things, I have other grieving parents in my mind the more than any other listeners. My heart is with you, too.

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