Easter in January

I’m continuing on my digital clean-up here, this process of getting ducks in a row and online. Thank you to everyone who downloaded “Starter” and let me know. It felt a bit in the interest of posterity to post it in an official way, and I’m glad I did – *check* on the list.

Three years after “Starter” I recorded my first full-length album “Fell Out of Oz” with Futcher here in Vancouver. I adore Futcher – he is one of my top five make-me-laugh-the-most people in the world and making the album with him was fantastic fun.

In the interest of amusing only ourselves, I think, we put an “easter egg” track called “What Peace Is” on the album (not to be confused with the hidden track “Other Side Down” which plays after 2 minutes of silence on the last song). In the artwork, we included the lyrics and numbered the song 00, hoping that it might be enough of a curiosity for people to look for it before 01, “Jennifer Grey”.

Meaning, after listening to a few seconds of “Jennifer Grey” you press and hold rewind – we’re talking on a stereo here, not on a computer – and the counter not only goes to the 0:00 beginning of track 01, but past that into negative minutes, all the way to -2:30. Voila – you find the egg!

So clever! …non?

In hindsight, maybe too clever as few (or none?) picked up on the clue in the artwork, or if they did try, it didn’t work on all stereos. And those who bought the album digitally missed out on it all together.

Perhaps this tidbit should have been left to become the stuff of little known secrets, trivia, down the road. But in further interest of posterity, I decided to come clean and put it online for all to hear.

It’s not like it’s my best song ever, but it’s a sweet wee ditty, and Diederik Van Dijk’s cello playing is just so pretty.

Download it for free here:


Fell Out of Oz album cover

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