I’m continuing on my digital clean-up here, this process of getting ducks in a row and online. Thank you to everyone who downloaded “Starter” and let me know. It felt a bit in the interest of posterity to post it in an official way, and I’m glad I did – *check* on the list.

Three years after “Starter” I recorded my first full-length album “Fell Out of Oz” with Futcher here in Vancouver. I adore Futcher – he is one of my top five make-me-laugh-the-most people in the world and making the album with him was fantastic fun.

In the interest of amusing only ourselves, I think, we put an “easter egg” track called “What Peace Is” on the album (more…)

I’ve been laying low, it’s true – more about that another time. Meanwhile, in these days of downtime there are spurts of productivity, mostly catching up on things I’ve always meant to do. Or finish.

Like make my long lost first ever recording – my 2002 EP “Starter” – available to you! (more…)