live from courtenay bc

i just posted some clips on youtube of me performing solo on the last island tour. one is of “i will”, which is such an old song in some ways. 5 years? 6? wow. i still play it at almost every show. i think because it was one of my first, i still feel so attached to it.

the other clip is of “oh yes oh yes” which is a new song that will be on the new album (release date may 20th, lest we forget! : )

that set was opening for my dear coco love alcorn who i’ll be touring with this month as well. i love that woman. check out the gigs page for the dates. we’ll be joined by ian sherwood – he’s coming all the way from nova scotia!

but before the van rolls out for kelowna, there’s much work to be done. i am in serious need of clean clothes. the kitchen is a mess. i want to mail out the pre-order albums on wednesday for all you darlings who are waiting. i could certainly use some sleep… “my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it; I’m swamped!” name that movie!

*good night*


  1. I just happened to re-discover your song “day4” while cleaning up my computer, which I had downloaded many moons ago from GarageBand on a whim. It lead me to see if you had anything on you-tube, which in turn led me here… I can’t say I was a fan before, but I can now. I can’t wait till your show at Mitsy’s Sister in Toronto. And I hope you play “I Will” then. Your voice is sublime.

    Thank you for coming to this side of the country.

    PS — it’s “The Princess Bride” of course!

  2. Hi hon,

    I was just browsing around and saw your new post – love the new song Oh Yes Oh Yes – fantastic. And have a great time on your tour. I’m writing a piece for the paper about open mics, so remembering lots of nice times with you at the Big Note at the moment. Seems so long ago now…

    Love from London, anyway – when are you coming back?


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