cooking with TOFU

a couple of days ago I had the distinct pleasure of recording some back up vocals on the upcoming TOFU album. if you know my friends Tons Of Fun Univerity, you love them. if you don’t, check them out because they will have you clamouring on top of tables and declaring your love for their work.

it was my first time doing “bgs” and i had a blast! so fun to just sing, and not be the focus. the songs are fantastic and i can’t wait to hear the album… i sound like a press release, but i definitely encourage you to check out the TOFU boys on their march tour – check their facebook or myspace for deets. i guarantee they won’t dissapoint.

mr. c.r. avery, of his own solo fame, and member of TOFU, has been our temporary roommate this month. beatboxing sounds travel from the other room and i remember seeing him perform for the first time a few years ago. i was new to the drive, wide-eyed and tongue-tied at the poetry slam. my friend pippa and i marvelled at his skill and imagined his personality. now we watch hours of sopranos episodes together, him, his lady, my man… you never know where you’ll be a year from now…
go listen to TOFU. : )

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