march tour ~ fin

in Kaslo, BC

tonight is the last show Coco and Ian and I will do together – for awhile anyway. i have one of our tour posters (the beautiful hand sikscreened by simon tour posters) above my desk and am feeling sentimental about the past few weeks. after a winter of staying in, to record the album and get it ready for the world, i had to take a good stretch before hitting the road again. it is, of course, like riding a bike, and after our first stop in kelowna, it felt like i’d never taken a break from touring. in a good way : ) it was a series of wonderful shows, i must say. thank you all.

and now the final touches are being put on the may-june cross canada tour. i still need to make t-shirts (new designs coming up!, and get the posters sorted, but the dates seem to have fallen into place. i had to get a new vehicle – yes, the bc tour drove my poor Alske van into the ground… she’s resting peacefully now, and i’ve a young buckroo mazda that i’ve been taming on the side streets of east van. we haven’t named her yet. nick suggested “puteulanus orcas” which is latin for blue whale (tells you something about the vehicle doesn’t it…) but that hardly rolls of the tongue like Alske, or my previous Ringer, Clunky and Cora Faye…

i was giddy packing up all the pre-orders of the new album, and wish i could be handing it out on street corners! but the rest of you will have to wait for the May 20th release! oh that reminds me i have to get the release party organized as well. here i go*


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