tour. so far.


day 1.

i cried! the car loaded, standing in the doorway i actually cried about leaving… which surprised me. but it’s a long trip this time away from my man and all things familiar. i love touring. but it does mean missing things. people-like-things.

a juice and just-out-of-the-oven-and-so-hot-i-couldn’t-hold-it-muffin from juicy lucy’s comforted somewhat. i picked up mary and we headed for rossland.

day 2.

happily the slice in lethbridge gave us a couple hotel rooms and we were able to nap before the show. a crowded drunk saturday night that involved signing someone’s chest and another’s arm (my first body autographs… shout out to shawnee and saiya!). there was one asshole – rob. dude, grabbing asses and lines like “trust me, i am a man and know how to use it” will get you NO WHERE with NO ONE. fuck off.

other than that, it was a lovely conincidence that fellow east van kids, C.R. AVERY AND THE BOOM CHASERS, were also on the bill in alberta that night, so c.r. got up and played harmonica on a few songs. i love that boy.

they of course brought the house down, as they always do. i love that band.

day 4.

played at the ironwood last night to a cozy group of sweet listeners who braved the rain. i was missing my dad. something about being the prairies, being closer to his home. so sadness permeated my songs (more than usual… ;)

now at “weeds” somewhere in this nw/ne/sw/se town, and regina spektor is playing “we’re living in a den of theives…” good stuff.

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