the album has landed

between my blog here, myspace, facebook, ilike…. i tend to just post the same thing, “as posted on” and so forth. part of me feels like i want to write something new for every site. i wonder how much cross over there is, in terms of readership? i wonder why every time i cut and paste i feel a little like a phony? it’s just spreading the word, non? and i’m always torn in these forums between presenting my work/myself as a musician, and not “presenting” myself at all. meaning, just plain old me. not folk singer me.

of course, they are rather intertwined and there never would be total separation. but there are aspects of my life that are unique to each “side”.

that’s not surprising news of course. so i shall move on to the good stuff. it’s after midnight (much later than i meant to be up considering i’ve an early morning tomorrow and – ga – a root canal in the afternoon) but i am determined to broadcast that my new album, The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker, is available now!

which is the best news of the moment. the other news worthy item is that i am, once again, in a t-shirt factory of my own making. yes, the results of many thrift-store visits are strewn around my house in different stages of production. most have at least part of the new design silkscreened on them, half have the whole design, and half of those have been ironed/heat-set and are ready to hit the road.

i’ve got some pictures of them to upload – i’ll do that this week. i’m too cozy at the moment to get up and find the cable for the camera : ) – as well as photos from the first few gigs of the tour. mary has been much more on top of taking pictures and posting tour diary type blogs – where we’ve been, the characters there… i write these notes in my head while staring out the window at the 120km scenery, but i don’t seem to get them out of my head often. maybe that will change with this tour… maybe not : )

it’s amazing to think this is my third record. to look back on where i was when “starter” came out, what’s happened since. this last year has been intense in terms of the amount of work i’ve been doing for this here music gig, the busiest year yet for me. that’s what i get for choosing to release the new record independently! i’ve been busting my butt, but it feels good to have everything in my own hands. to have such ownership on both the creative and business side. maybe i’m a control freak. though i keep joking about getting an intern, a la Steve Zissou, and i do look forward to a time when i’m not the only one getting this show on the road, but in the midst of t-shirt mayhem, half packed for heading east this week, i don’t mind being a one woman army. at least, i’m feeling hopeful that the work can pay off.

there’s thunder/lightning in vancouver tonight. terribly romantic weather for late night blogging surely… okay i have to go post this on facebook now… ha.


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