The Hill House Video Diaries

An unexpected thing occurred during my artist residency at the ISLAND Hill House (and a funny thing on the way to the forum) – I made my first video blog. Artists do it all the time, I watch them all the time, and I carry my little flip video camera every where I go. But I’d never been compelled to use it in that way.

Something about being alone in the woods, something about finding a way to still connect with the world, something about having lots of time to think – and once I got started, I really liked it.

Which is to say I think I may be a budding video blogger. I may also be a budding nudist. Here are the nine video diaries in a row:

Track listing:

  1. In Michigan
  2. The Piano Tune
  3. Graveyard
  4. Naked in the Rain
  5. Adjusting
  6. Morning
  7. Hootenanny for One
  8. Making Music and Soup
  9. Goodbye


Meanwhile, from the stillness and creative space of the Hill House, I went straight to the busy-ness and constant motion of a tour and in a couple hours from now, I’ll land in the mayhem of OCFF. A quick switch from inward to outward ways of being and I’m looking forward to next week when I can reflect more on my time at the residency.

But for now, business calls. La  la la.


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  1. Hi Christa,
    Love the video blogs…got to know you a little more… the graveyard one made me cry.
    Looking forward to the new album!

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