Indie GoGo Campaign for Christa Couture’s New Album

It’s official: I’m making a new album called The Living Record.

Since I made my last album, the concept of “pre-sales” as funding has reached a whole new level of awesomeness, for all concerned, as “crowd-funding” has taken off with the likes of Kickstarter, FundBreak and IndieGoGo.

Thus, it is also official: I’ve launched a campaign to support the making of The Living Record. Observe:

Oh yes oh yes! Not just pre-sales of the album, but postcards from me, original posters, t-shirts, songs and even my autoharp could be yours.

Visit for all the info and if you have any questions, just ask (info christacouture com).

I am bringing you this news, and my video editing skillz, from a house in the woods in Michigan. I arrived at The Hill House yesterday and will be spending the next two weeks fine tuning songs, writing, and boning up my chops in advance of heading into the studio. It is beautiful here. Autumn had dressed many trees on the drive through the state, but here it has only brushed the edges:

And I am surrounded by these trees. And the sound of crickets. And wind. And nothing else.

More soon.


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