Last year was my first time at ArtsWells, after years of hearing about it and a couple thwarted attempts at getting there. It lives up to its reputation for the amount of amazing art taking place – from spoken word to music to theatre to visual art – to the amount of LOVE running through the whole town and everyone that shows up there for the August long weekend.

It’s one of my favourite festivals and I’m so glad I was able to return this year, its 10th anniversary (huzzah!). Kris Demeanor’s set was surely a highlight, not to mention the epic High Society street jam, Corin Raymond’s “Bookworm” and pretty much every other second of the whole fest.

Here are my four days there, a la instagram:

Last spring – Easter weekend to be exact (an intentionally poorly planned time) – E.S.L., Cris Derksen and I went on a wee tour. We had a blast.

Being a solo artist, I loved the feeling of being in a band – even thought I wasn’t in the band, I enjoyed fitting myself into their group dynamic, picking up on the inside jokes, and most of all having other people to talk to on the drives from town to town. Not to mention I love the music they all make and loved that Cris and Joy became my back up band for those nights though British Colombia’s interior.

So we decided to do it again. This time we headed to Vancouver Island. And this time, it was not a holiday weekend. Phewf.

Here are my photos from the weekend – the day before we left I joined 2004 and got an iPhone, as you can see from my addicted istagram use. (more…)