road trip

i just got back from a road trip to Whitehorse. 6 days of driving for 3 days in town was a lot, but the views up and down were stunning. it didn’t hit 33 below until we left town, and i am so glad i bought that parka at a yard sale last summer for $5. is it northern people or small town people in general that are so friendly, welcoming and helpful? now it’s back back home (so happy to see my bed again) and back to work. the finishing touches being put on the new website, the above mentioned video ap, hearing back from festivals thus booking summer shows and working on new songs is keeping me busy these days. i did gaze out my window for awhile yesterday and noticed the bare branches that i left over a week ago, are now sporting tiny green leaves, and many a pregnant bud, a couple of which were already pushing out young yellow petals. spring is coming!


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