welcome to the new site! the beginings of it. there is much more to come, but in the meantime, in celebration of all the latest and greatest, we are happy to unveil the work in progress that is christacouture.com. you can now listen to some tracks from the new album! which, by the way, is called “Fell Out of Oz” and is in canadian stores now. not in canada, or don’t feel like getting up? you can also order it online at www.maxmusic.ca or www.amazon.ca.

the cd release party was incredible fun – thank you to everyone who came – and the album has been doing great since. i am so grateful to you darlings, for the emails, comments and phone calls about the album. it took me so bloody long to get it out there and it’s a truly wonderful warm feeling to have it be so well received. thank you for listening.

have a wander, drop me a line, sing sweetly little birds!

see you soon*


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