Today is the Day

Today! Now! My new album The Living Record is out in the world as of today, September 4th, 2012.

Holy smokes!

You can get the CD or download via the wonderful Bandcamp, or find it on iTunes.

It’s incredible after working on this for two years to reach this point. And in two days the Canadian tour begins and I start bringing it to y’all in person. This show is officially on the road.

Were my laptop a lecturn, I would lean forward and say,  I would like to thank –

  • Steve Dawson, for making this album with me and for taking the songs beyond what I hoped for them.
  • The musicians who lent their talents and made their mark on the album, especially Steve, Rob Becker, Niko Friesen and Chris Gestrin.
  • The dear group of people who crowd-funded this album when it was a twinkle in my eye.
  • Husband for silkscreening all the t-shirts for said crowd-funders, among a million other things.
  • My mom for picking up posters, running to the post office, entering all my tour dates online, and making the summer building up to this release and tour possible.
  • The veggie vag.
  • You, you, YOU!

And you. For reading this. For listening. For responding. For buying the album (ahem). For coming to the shows. For being part of music and this life.

HERE WE GO. See you very soon.




  1. Hello Christa, Oh happy day! Congrats on you album release. I am downloading as I type this. I love “you were here in Michigan” so I know the rest of the album will be wonderful too. Really wish you would come all the way East on tour. Membertou in Cape Breton NS has a wonderful venue to play. Maybe next time. Until then I shall enjoy your sweet voice via itunes downloads. Tomorrow is my B day and your release date is the perfect gift. Thank Christa I hope you sell out at all your concert dates and of you CD sales. Take Joy ~ Diane xo

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