The Living Record Artwork, Release Date, Track Listing and Pre-sales – Oh My!

Here it is folks, the cover art for my new album The Living Record:

Photo by Jennifer Picard and design by John Rummen. They are both awesome.

Also awesome – as of today you can pre-order the digitial download and/or CD on Bandcamp! Order now and you will get the download code via email the moment the album is released on September 4th! The CDs will also be mailed that week. Boom!

Pre-order the album here: and spread the word.

The tracklisting (drum roll please) is:

  1. You Were Here in Michigan
  2. Good Bayou
  3. Lucky or Lost
  4. Pirate Jenny and the Storm
  5. Parasite
  6. Hopeless Situation
  7. Sing for Me
  8. An Invitation in Three Parts
  9. Pussycat Pussycat
  10. Paper Anniversary
  11. Wooden Shoes and Windmill
  12. The Way of the Dodo (The Living Record)


Want a taste now? The first single, You Were Here in Michigan, is available on iTunes and as a free download on NoiseTrade.

September 4th is six weeks from today – amazing! The last of the Canadian tour dates are falling into place – I’ll announce those in August – and things are buzzing here at CC HQ as we’re getting all the IndieGogo campaign perks out the door in a couple weeks. Other goodies to have for sale on the road are in the works, and I’m balancing getting that stuff done in between a few more festival dates this summer. Time, she has wings.


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