Loved and Lost

Tomorrow my two new EPs will be available. Arguably, LOVED, isn’t new. It is three songs from my album FELL OUT OF OZ, and two from THE WEDDING SINGER AND THE UNDERTAKER. If you’re reading this blog, you may well already be familiar with my work. If you’re already familiar with my work, you’ve likely heard those songs.

LOVED is for the newcomers, the hmm, who’s this? folk who may like a taste of my work. For them, LOVED is a good place to start.

(Out of context, I like that sentence: Loved is a good place to start).

LOVED is five of my favourite songs, and, from what I gather, five favourites from the ears who have been listening over the years. They’re the songs that get requested most, and sung along with best. Yes yes yes it’s hard for me to pick my favourite own song – in truth, it will invariably be my most recent. But, these five songs have stood by me over the years – they’re a worn in pair of shoes that feel like home when I step into them – and I am grateful to each one of them.

I hope the newcomers like them.

LOST is five songs that I’ve recorded over the years but for one reason or other never got to release. They’re a squeaky clean pair of shoes anxious to earn some scuffs on the dance floor. I’ve wanted to find a place to put them, to share them, worried they would wait forever collecting digital dust and am really so glad to have that chance now!

I hope the ears like them.

Getting to share these songs feels like a kind of housekeeping, and, if you’ve followed over the past few months, I’ve been in a spring cleaning kind of way. Putting the LOST songs out brings us up to NOW.


When you download the EPs you’ll also get a pdf of Song Stories – short descriptions of where the songs, loved or lost, came from. I enjoyed writing them and am considering make a Song Stories for all my albums. Hm…

The artwork – Oh! The artwork! – was embroidered by Lindsay Zier-Vogel. Check out her work, she’s amazing.


Loved and lost,


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