Learning to Talk

I had forgotten how to talk to journalists, radio hosts, media types. Interested in genuine conversation, it can slip my mind that tape is rolling and any out loud musings of the moment are likely to be the out of context clip in the article, on air, the next day. In the moment I want to consider the question and provide an authentic response which, being spontaneous, doesn’t always mean it’s the most articulate or even conclusive thing I could come up with. In the moment there have been some really interesting conversations with really lovely and engaging people that move beyond the press release and talking points, but that doesn’t always translate to what I want to be said in the media about me, the tour and the album. I’m (re)learning to keep in mind that these conversations will be the representatives of my work. That is, an edited interpreted version of these conversations that’s ultimately out of my hands. I’m finding ways to both stick to the script and be genuine, and then otherwise let go of the outcome.

It can be tricky.

I’m not complaining, just noticing, and overall very grateful for the number of interviews I’ve done while on tour. Truly, the response has been great. Phewf!

But it’s easy for me, particularly considering the themes and stories of this album, to move into an emotional space, out of the thinking/rational “I’m doing an interview now” space, and once the emotions are up, the guards are down and my heart starts to pour…

I like my pouring heart, but she’s not always the best for PR ; )

It is a new experience for me to see my face printed practically life size in papers, but very fun. Here’s me, and me on the Arts & Life section of the Regina Leader Post, as captured by my dear Redgy Blackout:

It’s worth adding that the Regina restaurant this was taken in, Flip, had very tasty food indeed and the venue we played down the street, Creative City Centre, is awesome. Just sayin’. Also #MarianForMayor!

Here’s a link to the article in the Regina Leader Post and a few of the others that have cropped up along the way:

Regina Leader Post
CBC Music
The Georgia Straight
Uptown Magazine
The Province
Globe & Mail

Meanwhile, we’ve tipped over the halfway point of this particular tour with a handful of Ontario shows remaining, and then a few key stops on the return route home. There is much I could say about the tour, and I’m sure it will come. For now I’m still learning to talk.


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