What I learned and loved at AMP Camp 2012: An Unordered List

“This one time at AMP Camp” jokes aside, I am, these five days later, still buzzing with information, ideas, memories, and moments from AMP Camp 2012. They’re a joyful bunch and too unruly to be described in paragraph form, so I shall instead list them for you here.

Though first of all, for those not in the know, AMP Camp is a 5 day retreat – held this year at the beautiful Falcon Trails Resort – for Aboriginal artists to work on business and creative development. That’s the official blurb. But it plays out more like a lovefest (you know musicians, we can’t help it).

What I learned and loved at AMP Camp 2012, in no paticular order:

  • I know more than I thought;
  • I have a lot to learn;
  • “The key to finishing a song is to remove the goal”;
  • What the eff a Critical Path is and why I need one;
  • I’ve missed snow;
  • I’ve particularly missed the sound of snow crunching under my feet in the quiet of a prairie night;
  • There’s a time for revealing, and a time for restraint;
  • 15 seconds of freezing is worth an hour in the hot tub and not to wait three nights to work up the nerve;
  • The best thing to do when greeted by northern lights is to greet them back with singing, dancing, applause, joyful silence, embracing, laughter, or any combination of the above;
  • Moonlit silhouettes on a frozen lake take my breath away;
  • There’s always another mother like me;
  • That I’m not as awkward and weird as I feel (apparently);
  • There’s room for everyone;
  • Get focussed, be determined;
  • Soundscan is worth the $;
  • Sonicbids is not;
  • My new favourite music is that of Beatrice Love, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Lorenzo, Malcolm Campbell, Binaeshee-Quae, Blair Goudie, Dustin Harder, Kathia Rock, Nick Sherman, Tiffany Moses, Christine Ginter, Bonnie Couchie, Discreet Da Chosen 1, Liv Wade, Sonia Eidse, Moe Clark, Drezus, and Trent Agecoutay – aka my fellow AMP-ers;
  • This business is a community;
  • And I’m lucky to be part of it.


Thank you to the Aboriginal Music Program, its partners, and its fearless leader Alan Greyeyes for having me; thank you everyone who shared their expertise and experience, especially Alida Kinnie Starr, MJ Dandeneau, Andres MendozaRaven Kanatakta and Sandy Scofield.

With this new album of mine in the works and aimed for release in the fall, the timing for learning and inspiration couldn’t have been more perfect. And it’s always a good time to meet beautiful people… sigh #CampSoHard

Speaking of this new album of mine, it’s back into the studio tomorrow after three weeks away from it – up first: selecting vocals takes. Woot!


For more pics of the AMP Camp good times, check out my album on Facebook: facebook.com.

p.s. Listen to this song from Binaeshee-Quae (that’s her up there on the left). I’d fallen in love with her music, voice, lyrics, when I saw her perform at OCFF in the fall and was thrilled to get to hear more during this week in Manitoba…

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  1. Christa! What a beautiful post. I am so thankful for everything AMP camp gave (a kick in the behind, friends, magic, hot tubs, music…) & even 3 weeks later I’m just as inspired as when I left. AND AWH how sweet is that, that you put a little blurb about me!? I was not expecting that at all :). I hope to see you again soon & woot for being in the studio!
    Lots of love,

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