And with that (Saturday night at the Toronto Free Gallery), my last gig of 2012. It’s strange to think of it as the last of anything, when I am so very much in the middle of things, but it’s amazing to think of a year ago. A year ago I hadn’t recorded The Living Record yet but it was newly fully funded and the plans were in place. A year ago I was just dusting off my performing self, putting her back together, and trying my hand once more at being on stage. A year ago I was taking steps I wasn’t ready for, but took them for the need of SOMETHING to happen. A year ago I didn’t know where I would be now. A year ago I was saying a few of the same things.

A year ago I may well have been on a plane like this one. Packed, cramped, and catching up on movies I wanted to see but couldn’t admit to wanting to see. A woman just walked by in a black t-shirt with the big white words of “it’s okay to cry” and I’m reminded of something I read a few days ago (where?) saying that we’re more apt to crying on airplanes. Something about the altitude affecting our emotions. I suspect the strain of travel, small spaces, time zones, hellos and goodbyes, also place us susceptible to tears mid-flight, but I’ll take the t-shirt slogan to heart because Robert Deniro in that hospital bed scene definitely got to me.

And with that, a stinking head cold. I don’t mind really. It’s the chance for me to hear myself talk like I’m underwater without getting wet. Mostly I’m grateful that my body waited and waded through the last three months of the CD release, Canadian tour and music video shoot before catching anything. Way to hang in there little one!

Yes! A music video! This past week in Toronto I filmed a music video for the song Parasite with Big Soul Productions and director Adam Garnet Jones thanks to APTN First Tracks. It’s going to be a couple months before the finished product is shared with the world, but I’m really, really excited about it. It was fun, and challenging, and the crew was fantastic. Here’s Adam and I in dueling cowichan sweaters (to which I couldn’t help but describe as mad cowichan disease) because, note, there is no heat at the Toronto Circus School (brr!):

Here I am braving a storm of bubbles:

And later, the crew resets for another shot of the confetti storm:

You’ll get it when you see it. Oh I can’t wait for you to see it!

I’m grateful for all the gigs I’ve had in 2012 and glad even that the last one of the year was in Toronto, my favourite hard place to be. A few of my first 2013 gigs in February will be back in TO actually, and if it’s going to be as cold then as it was this past week, I’m going to need to pack the parka!



When we left off last night the hideous dragon had carried the maid to his cave by moonlight
He gnashed his teeth, and breathed his fire – the heath quaked, and we trembled in fear

I LOVED that song in high school – my musical theatre phase, or at least the height of it. I sing it still – it was often a lullaby for my babe – and anytime I think “where were we?” the lyrics are instantly on the tip of my tongue.

And where were we? When we left off last week, Cris and I were on tour in Ontario… (more…)

It’s a line I’ve sung many times over the past eight years. The song, Pussycat Pussycat, I wrote in my early hours back in Canada after a year of living in England, on a bus from Toronto to Montreal… I love performing it live and aimed to include it on Fell Out of Oz in 2005, but Futcher wasn’t feeling it. It clearly didn’t fit on The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker and I began to consider it would be a song I often sang but never recorded.

But I think it might be on The Living Record. At least, I’m going to run it past the gang. Despite her years, I feel she could fit in with the new crowd. She’s one that keeps being true for me and I’d love to see her get her dues.

Indeed, where have I been?

This trip, and I’ve been away just over a month now, has felt like a hundred journeys in one. (more…)


Nominated in both Best Female Artist and Best Folk Acoustic Album at this years Aboriginal Music Awards, I came home with an impressive shiny award for the latter.

“Couture impressed with her solo acoustic guitar performance” wrote ChartAttack, but I was backed by the most fabulous house band (thank you Raven et all!) which included Cris Derksen. Who is amazing. And cree also : ) She accompanied, solo, the mind-blowing Tanya Tagaq, who I watched, amazed, from the wings. I’m going to steal Cris for my next gig in February at the Chan Centre…

I must correct the intro I received though – though I was given an Arapaho name as a child, I am not, in fact, Arapaho. I’m part Cree! A small detail, but one to be clarified : )

The awards were divided into two nights – the first of which is where/when I received the Best Folk Album award. The second night, at which I performed, will be televised in the new year on CityTV. I will surely let you all know of the time and date as soon as I myself am aware!



TORONTO, Nov. 11 /CNW/ – The legendary Buffy Sainte-Marie, roots rockers Eagle and Hawk and country star Crystal Shawanda are just a few of the top names confirmed to perform at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards gala, taking place Friday, November 28th at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

With five nods each Eagle and Hawk and Crystal Shawanda lead the nominations for the 10th annual awards show, which celebrates the best in Canadian Aboriginal music. Buffy Sainte-Marie will receive the Lifetime Contribution to Aboriginal Music special honour during the live event.

Hosted by Aboriginal actors Don Kelly and Renae Morriseau, additional performers slated to perform during the three-hour CAMA extravaganza include multiple nominees Tanya Tagaq (3), Fara Palmer (3), Christa Couture (2), Jace Martin (2), and Leanne Goose (2), as well as single nominees Stevie Salas, Darren Lavallee, Northern Cree and 7th Generation. West coast Aboriginal dance group the Eagle Song Dancers will also perform as part of the event’s tribute to the traditions and symbolism of the western coastal Aboriginal people.

Tickets for the 2008 CAMAs are on sale now through Ticketmaster, by phone or online at Reserved floor seats are $35 in advance ($40 at the door) and general admission seats are $20. Tickets may also be purchased day of show at the box office located at Gate 7 at the Rogers Centre. Visit for more information.