Podcast interviews

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I love podcasts, as a listener, natch, but they’re often my favourite interviews, because, they’re almost always conversations.

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These are some of the conversations I’ve had that I love. Listen to these wherever you find your podcasts!

2 Pages with MBS
“I am disabled, but not broken.” Christa joins Michael Bungay Stanier to share two pages from her favourite book and discuss society’s labels.

The Allusionist
“Sometimes I’ve heard people talk about losing a child and people say it’s like losing a limb. And as someone who’s lost both things, I just want to say, the realities are very different,” with Helen Zaltzman.

The Good Life Project
“…utterly awake, connected, and alive,” with Jonathan Fields.

Seek the Joy Podcast
“For me I think the biggest shift in perspective has been learning to let go of an idea of things getting better. When I started to think about things being different, it was a real shift and a real moment of acceptance for me.”

The Papaya Podcast
“The One About Grief & Loss, Heartbreak & Healing With Christa Couture,” with Sarah Nicole of Birds Papaya.

Create Out Loud
Transforming trauma into creative inspiration, with Jen Louden.

Safe Haven
“The healing energy of singing and sharing one’s grief story,” with Amanda Lytle.

From Heaven & Hope
“The things that made the biggest difference for me, were the ways people remembered.”