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One Foot Tapping Records is pleased to announce the online release of Christa Couture’s new music video!

“‘Nothing’s Changed’ is a song about failing my personal growth homework” says Couture of the second single from her album “The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker”. When meeting with Vancouver director and animator Belinda Fung, who created the music video for the song, Couture gave her just that bit of insight and handed over all creative control. “I love working with visual artists, animators, filmmakers. Giving a song of mine to someone and allowing them to take whatever direction they are inspired to is, in turn, very inspiring to me”.

What Fung created is a layered and charming, yet bittersweet animated story that is set in a retro video game world. Starting at “Game Over”, the character runs the game in reverse, retracing her steps, losing experience and repairing the broken heart that led to her demise – ultimately finding herself back at the beginning.

Watch the video at:

“The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker”
– won best folk album at the 2008 Aboriginal Music Awards
– hit the top 10 on CBC Radio 3 in August 2008
…and you can get the cd at CDBaby, or download it from iTunes and Zunior!

tap tap.

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