Arbor Live

Stevie Salas was one of the hosts at the Aboriginal Music Awards last year. He’s a charming guy. It became a running joke after various women accepted their awards he would have a comment that ended with “are hot”. Like “country singers are hot”. After I received the best folk album award, he said “crying is hot”. Yup, I cried. What can I say? It was an emotional album, the songs, the making of, the dedication… but later I groaned at being the crying girl. I’m over it now, or at least okay with being the heart-on-the-sleeve one in the crowd, and soon I will be meeting Stevie again – this time, hopefully, sans tears!

Mr. Salas is host of the APTN show “Arbor Live” and I’ve been selected to be on their upcoming season! I’m pleased as punch. You can check out the show at

I’m greatly looking forward to being on the show and will keep you posted on taping/airing. Woot!

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