Day 33 and this particular Canadian tour comes to an end! It’s been the best Canadian tour I’ve had yet, in both the practical, concrete ways and the intangible and magical ways.

Upon getting home, I sat on the couch and played ukulele covers of all the tour/homecoming songs I could think of. There are so many good ones, I’m not sure I’d ever need to write another. Here’s a bite of Brandi Carlile’s “What Did I Ever Come Here For.”

My heart is full. My body is tired. I’ve given and received so much.

This tour, more than any other before it, has flown by. Having the company of my cousin Forest, roadie/stylist/drinking-buddy extraordinaire, has likely contributed to the time-flying as half the time we’ve just been having a ball out here, in addition to getting the job done.

And the job, as in all the tour dates of the last five weeks, is done! Last night in Halifax was marvelous. A storm was on our heels, and it was my first time ever playing in this town, but the lovely warm crowd made it as wonderful as possible. The Company House is now in my heart.

Today was a snow day in Halifax, and we have one more day to do laundry and re-pack before we board the train westward bound. It’s a six day return journey from Halifax to Vancouver, so if you need us, look to the rails.

Here are photos from the last 4 weeks on the road (fear not the distorted preview – click ’em open and their size will right itself. Phewf!):