It’s been two years since “The M Word: Conversations on Motherhood” was published and editor Kerry Clare has been posting follow up pieces from contributors on her blog Pickle Me This.

This opportunity came up just before I left on tour and I wasn’t sure if I would have time for it, not just time to write it, but to feel it, too. Writing about my kids asks for space. And Kleenex.

On the flight from Vancouver to Toronto, I wrote my two-years later post; my part of the ongoing conversations on motherhood. You can read it over at

This is the fifth in a series of posts catching up writers from The M Word, and finding out what they’re up to now. (Find out more about The M Word and read its rave reviews right here.) From previous weeks: “Kerry Ryan on Wishing and Washing“; “Heather Birrell on Talking to her (M)Other Self”; “Dear Me, by Nicole Dixon“; “Kerry Clare on Motherhood and Abortion.” 

In her essay, “These Are My Children”, Christa Couture introduces readers to her sons, Emmett and Ford, and recounts how she has mothered and related to motherhood since their deaths. Here, she considers what’s changed and what hasn’t in the two years since her essay was published… 

I’ve wanted to tell you something. At least to make some kind of record of this shift, these seismic waves.

As a songwriter, I’m pretty much an open book. The songs I record and perform are almost entirely autobiographical, literal and, I hope, conversational. I often joke that I’m not very imaginative and half-joke that I’m too self-involved to write any other way – but I like it that way. It gives me somewhere to put all these internal thoughts, step back and learn from them; to ask you a great big “know what I mean, bean?” and, thankfully, hear your reply. (more…)

(as sent to Christa Couture mailing list May 10 2010)

Comrades! It’s been a long time and I’ve missed you too. Let’s catch up. First off:

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…12 years ago I was a teenager in the audience at Lilith Fair Vancouver. I loved it. I hadn’t even started to play guitar yet then and was far from sharing my music with the public. I was so inspired by seeing many of my favorite artists live. Being part of it now would be AMAZING but I need your help! The Fair is choosing ONE local artist from each city they stop in via a voting process online. At first I found the process kind of confusing so I will detail the steps here. Let me know if they don’t make sense. You are, as ever, the best.

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In other news… where have I been for the past year? I had a baby! Last May. And so it’s been a year of laying low musically – save for the many lullabies. Here on YouTube is a video of me performing at 8 months pregnant last spring, just before going into hiding with my wee new family. Now that spring has unfolded again, I’m starting to bring this YOU + ME part of my life back into focus. I have missed you guys and sharing my music with your ears in person.

I’m glad to be back at it and though I sometimes forget to send out these newsletters – Twitter gets the bulk of my attention (okay I’m maybe addicted), there’s the less often but occasional Facebook updates, and of course my sorely out of date blog -Â but I aim to send this newsletter out as often as there are performances/recordings/causes – the meatiest news – to share with you. I’ve a general rule of no more than one per month, but hopefully there will be enough going on that it’s not another year before we speak!

Until next time,