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After taking a few months off from performing, recording, being Music-y, this show is getting back on the road!

It’s been six years since the delightful Hilary Grist and I first/last toured together – she and Sara Ciantar and I wove in and around BC one November – and we decided to partner up again and, this time, head East.

Hilary has just released the fantastic album Come & Go and I’m delighted to be part of her bringing that goodness to Ontario, Quebec and The Maritimes.

See you there!

Thu Oct 2: Sudbury, ON @ Fromagerie Elgin
Fri Oct 3: Utopia, ON @ Utopia Hall
Sat Oct 4: Chatham, ON @ Left Wing Gallery
Sun Oct 5: Ingersoll, ON @ Stonecroft Folk
Tue Oct 7: Barrie, ON @ Clarkson’s
Wed Oct 8: Owen Sound, ON @ Mossy Gatherings at River Café
Thu Oct 9: Peterborough, ON @ The Garnet
Fri Oct 10: Wakefield, QC @ Blacksheep Inn **just Hilary
Sat Oct 11: Kemptville, ON @ The Branch
Sun Oct 12: Montreal, QC @ Le Cagibi w/ Claire Morrison
Oct 16-19: Folk Music Ontario Conference – see y’all folkies there!
Tue Oct 21: Ottawa, ON @ Private House Concert
Thu Oct 23: Moncton, NB @ Café Aberdeen
Fri Oct 24: St John, NB @ Homeport Homestages
Sat Oct 25: Fredericton, NB @ Landsdowne House Concert
Sun Oct 26: Bedford, NS @ House Concert
Tue Oct 28: Halifax, NS @ The Company House w/Lindsay Duncan
Sat Nov 1: Port Hope, ON @ The Capitol, Songs of Johnny Cash
Tue Nov 4: Toronto, ON @ Musideum

What can I tell you? It would be in a way repetitive to regale the shows that were GREAT. The ones where we all felt less lonely.

You were there. You KNOW.

But I will add these things about each city/town I played in on the autumn tour, about these Canadian, Dutch, German, and English travels, where we met, where we touched and circled each other, where we wondered, where we danced, where we asked “why?” and “why not?” not of the gigs necessarily, but of that day, that time, of the fact that what we do together is so much more than my songs and you being there.

These are the places I played, and a few of the things I’ll remember:

In Port Alberni, I was told “you’ve lived a tragic life” and disagreed.

On Gabriola Island I fell asleep to the sounds of owls talking.

In Victoria a secret got out. I let it. I’d been holding on to it for awhile.

On Salt Spring Island I was transfixed by autumn leaves on a skylight.

I remember most from Denman Island that “people say all kinds of things, but they act on their feelings,” over comfort food.

In Armstrong four distinct chapters in my life met on one page.

During the show, Carla and I counted that I’ve played in Ymir eight times – the most I’ve played in any town, outside of my hometown.

In Calgary I tiptoed towards possibility, then ran away giggling.

Edmonton gave me three days of tears.

In Sherwood Park a man described the day his life changed while watching a turtle give birth, to assure me that life is long and full of unexpected wonder.

Regina kissed me with prairie autumn.

In Winnipeg I believed him – “you know what to do” – before sunrise on Osborne street.

Montreal sang every Disney song she could think of and I was glad I never finished any post-secondary schooling.

Ottawa let me rest my head on her lap and we planned our next bold move.

Toronto, as always, both soothed and excited and challenged and scared me. Our love story is being told so very slowly.

In Utrecht I was reminded of how I love short term routines in new cities.

Dusseldorf played music from home, connecting dots from far away places.

Offenbach kissed me too, but with wine and whiskey and Louis Armstrong.

In Berlin I turned 35.

Amersfoort reminded me how lucky I am to have mostly great gigs for open ears and hearts, and that noisy bars are few and far between. But noisy bars still happen.

In Hengelo I remembered how much I love the rain on my skin.

I felt lucky in Verden.

In Bremen I was overwhelmed by voices, sound, and the curve of a back that underlined “I love you.”

London flirted and skirted and darted and danced noisily, sweetly, and late into the night.

Beverley poured sunshine on the comfiest bed. It found familiar weight in broken hearts. It was full of kindness.

In Leeds we picked up where we left off, drinking wine while I went on too long and she smoked out the window, laughing and remembering.

In Alcester I was moved by family and friendship, by illness and endurance.

In Kelvedon a drummer did a decent Grant Lawrence impression and cited a long list of Canadian bands worth loving, known to him by the R3 podcast, and I missed Canada.

Onanole has come to be a much needed halfway point and always tells me “you’re tired, you’re safe here, sleep well.”

…and from there I drove home. 12,000+ Canadian kms later, planes and trains and rental cars through Germany, The Netherlands and England, wrong turns, right steps, hours, days, songs, duets, solos, parking tickets, speeding tickets, missed connections, connection, love, sex, touch, tears, remembering, forgetting, presence, absence, having, missing, something smaller and mightier than bridges over land and time, courage, fear, songs, stories, and nine weeks later –

I’m still yours.

and that was THAT tour.

and I’m going to rest now. Until the new year,

I love you this much (I assure you it’s A Lot):


Oh Canada! After a summer (mostly) at home, I’m ready to hit the road again. From Vancouver Island to Montreal, here are my 2013 solo Canadian tour dates:

September 7 – Vancouver BC @ KickstArt Festival, The Roundhouse
September 12 – Vancouver BC @ The Prophouse
September 18 – Port Alberni BC @ Rainbow Room
September 19 – Gabriola Island BC @ Rose Crystal Studio
September 20 – Victoria BC @ The Solstice Cafe
September 21 – Salt Spring Island BC @ Steffich Fine Art
September 22 – Denman Island BC @ House Concert
September 24 – Armstrong BC @ Wild Oak
September 25 – Ymir BC @ The School House
September 26 – Calgary AB @ Wine Ohs
September 27 – Edmonton AB @ The Blue Chair
September 29 – Sherwood Park AB @ House Concert
October 2 – Regina SK @ Artful Dodger
October 3 – Winnipeg MB @ Times Change(d)
October 7 – Montreal QC @ Grumpy’s
October 10 – Ottawa ON @ Avant-Garde Bar
October 15 – Toronto ON @ Free Times

Christa Couture 2013 Canadian Tour Dates

Award-winning, CBC Radio 3 Top 10 hitting, alt-folk singer-songwriter Christa Couture is launching her long awaited new album “The Living Record” with a cross-Canada tour.

Catch her in Vancouver with the full band, performing solo on Vancouver Island on a double bill with C.R. Avery, and then across Canada with roots/rock/pop duo Redgy Blackout.

Yes from Ymir onwards, Redgy Blackout will open the night as well as join Christa for her set (they’re awesome like that).

For more info, see the event listings below or contact

09/06 – Vancouver CD Release Party @ St James Hall, with full band. Presented by Rogue Folk Club.

09/07 – Port Albern BC @ Char’s Landing, double bill with C.R. Avery. Fb event:

09/08 – Cumberland BC @ Cumberland Hotel, double bill with C.R. Avery. Fb event:

09/09 – Salt Spring Island, venue TBD, double bill with C.R. Avery. Fb event:

All following tour dates are with Redgy Blackout:

09/14 – Ymir BC @ The Schoolhouse. Fb event:

09/15 – Lethbridge AB @ Owl Acoustic. Fb event:

09/16 – Edmonton AB @ Wunderbar. Fb event:

09/17 – Calgary AB @ The Ironwood. Fb event:

09/18 – Regina SK @ Creative City Centre. Fb event:

09/20 – Brandon MB, venue TBC. Presented by the Brandon Folk Festival. Fb event:

09/21 – Dauphin MB @ The Fire Hall. Fb event:

09/22 – Winnipeg MB @ The Folk Exchange. Presented by Winnipeg Folk Festival. Fb event:

09/25 – Thunder Bay ON @ The Apollo. Fb event:

09/27 – Sudbury ON @ Fromagerie Elgin. Fb event:

09/29 – Owen Sound ON @ private house concert. Live in the area? Contact

09/30 – Peterborough ON @ The Garnet. Fb event:

10/02 – Guelph ON @ The Cornerstone. Fb event:

10/03 – Toronto ON @ The Melody Bar, presented by ANDPVA. Fb event:

10/04 – Cobourg ON, venue TBC.

10/10 – Kitchener ON @ The Boathouse. Fb event:

10/11-14 – catch Christa Couture and Redgy Blackout at OCFF, Missisauga ON.

10/17 – Montreal QC @ Le Cagibi, with Moe Clark. Fb event:

10/18 – Ottawa ON @ The Elmdale. Fb event:

10/19 – Kemptville ON @ The Branch. Fb event:

10/20 – London ON @ East Village Co-op. Fb event:

10/23 – Onanole MB @ private house concert. Live in the area? Email for info.