The Living Record


CD of Christa Couture’s album “The Living Record”

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“Best of 2012” picks: CBC MusicThe Georgia StraightCorby’s Orbit.

“My favourite listen of the year so far”
Lonesome Highway, UK

“A remarkable chanteuse, singing superb material, tastefully arranged and produced. Couture’s voice floats over the album’s pop-roots foundations like a butterfly over a garden.”
Roots Music Canada

  1. You Were Here in Michigan
  2. Good Bayou
  3. Lucky or Lost
  4. Pirate Jenny and the Storm
  5. Parasite
  6. Hopeless Situation
  7. Sing for Me
  8. An Invitation in Three Parts
  9. Pussycat Pussycat
  10. Paper Anniversary
  11. Wooden Shoes and Windmills
  12. The Way of the Dodo (The Living Record)