Christa Couture on CBC’s The Candy Show: aka another CBC dream comes true

I love the CBC. I say it all the time, I know. And I LOVE my CBC broadcasters. (Mine!!)

When I heard Candy Palmater would be hosting a new daily afternoon show, I said “Candy for two hours every day?” I think it came out wrong to present company at the time.

“I’m nervous for sure. I feel like all my ancestors are leaned up behind me. When has this ever happened? When has a native person in general ever had the opportunity to talk to the nation for two hours a day? A native woman?”

…said Candy herself, “a gay native feminist comic raised by bikers” no less.

And that’s the thing; it’s huge to have that voice, her voice, every day. I love hearing it. So the chance to meet her and The Candy Show crew was a delight.

You can listen to the whole interview I did with Candy here.

I DO heart CBC! Outside the mothership in Toronto…


  1. Hi, Christa. I heard the CBC interview while traveling through Montana in July. I appreciated your wisdom and music, your words about grief and sorrow, your hard-won depth of soul and humor. Thanks. I also was curious about the song that I think you recommended for airplay with the line “I find grace in the simple things” or something like that. I tried to locate that but I didn’t remember the artist or title. If you can enlighten me I would appreciate it. Mark

    1. Hi, Mark! Thanks so much – that was on Unreserved, and that chat with Rosanna Deerchild meant a lot to me. The stunner of a song you heard is “I Find Grace” by Moe Clark.

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