Nominated, performing, and pregnant: the best of the Indigenous Music Awards!

Any and every major Indigenous arts event feels like Christmas.

At least the part where it brings everyone together. (My favourite part.)

A couple years have passed since the last Indigenous Music Awards I attended — the time the name was changed from Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards — but Long Time Leaving being nominated for Best Folk Album and asked to perform were the two best reasons to go.

Here I am on the red carpet before the event — I come in around 19 minutes in:

Being on a break from singing, I was nervous about taking the stage — I figured, it’s just one song, though, so if it goes horribly wrong it won’t last long!

Of course, once I was up there, I wish I could have kept playing. I invited these three fine folks to accompany me:


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My Winnipeg band! 🔥@indigenousmusicawards

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Daniel Roi, Jason Burnstick, and Don Benedictson. AKA the most ace Winnipeg band possible.

And we played Alone in This:

The things you can’t tell from a moment like that is how I had done everything humanly possibly in the previous 24 hours to battle a bad cold and sore throat and how poor Jason’s heart was racing off the top when his amp wasn’t plugged in…

What you can see is just how glowy happy I am to be on stage — and… the baby bump!

I came off stage to a handful of messages, “um, do you have news?!”

I do: that’s a five-month preggo belly just adding to the happy glow!

I didn’t win Best Folk Ablum (congrats Logan!), but I got to be filled to the brim with friendship and music. The Indigenous music scene is a such a supportive bunch, and I love every chance we have to come together and celebrate.

Hiy hiy!



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Almost showtime. @indigenousmusicawards

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