The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker


CD of Christa Couture’s second album, “The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker”

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“This pretty little record… will just melt your heart.”
Jessica Russel, TV Guide

“With her gorgeously intimate voice—somewhere between the tough vulnerability of Amy Rigby and the passionate, sophisticated folk of Joni Mitchell—Christa Couture sings with heart-on-sleeve intensity about the suffering and loss she has faced in her life. …It’s truly remarkable that listening to The Wedding Singer and the Undertaker does not feel like the aural equivalent of ambulance chasing. This is down to Couture’s writerly, at times even playful, skill with words…
Alan Brown, Pop Matters

  1. Sad Story Over 03:26
  2. Nothing’s Changed 03:52
  3. Further From the Point 04:16
  4. Map Unfolded 04:30
  5. A Grief As This 04:05
  6. The Declaration of Spring 03:50
  7. I Don’t Play Piano 04:07
  8. Cry Baby Cry 03:37
  9. In His Name 04:03
  10. Waterfall 05:50
  11. Oh Yes Oh Yes 03:10
  12. Intro 00:55
  13. Sweetheart 01:47

Released May 20, 2008