between my blog here, myspace, facebook, ilike…. i tend to just post the same thing, “as posted on” and so forth. part of me feels like i want to write something new for every site. i wonder how much cross over there is, in terms of readership? i wonder why every time i cut and paste i feel a little like a phony? it’s just spreading the word, non? and i’m always torn in these forums between presenting my work/myself as a musician, and not “presenting” myself at all. meaning, just plain old me. not folk singer me.

of course, they are rather intertwined and there never would be total separation. but there are aspects of my life that are unique to each “side”.

that’s not surprising news of course. so i shall move on to the good stuff. it’s after midnight (much later than i meant to be up considering i’ve an early morning tomorrow and – ga – a root canal in the afternoon) but i am determined to broadcast that my new album, The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker, is available now!

which is the best news of the moment. the other news worthy item is that i am, once again, in a t-shirt factory of my own making. yes, the results of many thrift-store visits are strewn around my house in different stages of production. most have at least part of the new design silkscreened on them, half have the whole design, and half of those have been ironed/heat-set and are ready to hit the road.

i’ve got some pictures of them to upload – i’ll do that this week. i’m too cozy at the moment to get up and find the cable for the camera : ) – as well as photos from the first few gigs of the tour. mary has been much more on top of taking pictures and posting tour diary type blogs – where we’ve been, the characters there… i write these notes in my head while staring out the window at the 120km scenery, but i don’t seem to get them out of my head often. maybe that will change with this tour… maybe not : )

it’s amazing to think this is my third record. to look back on where i was when “starter” came out, what’s happened since. this last year has been intense in terms of the amount of work i’ve been doing for this here music gig, the busiest year yet for me. that’s what i get for choosing to release the new record independently! i’ve been busting my butt, but it feels good to have everything in my own hands. to have such ownership on both the creative and business side. maybe i’m a control freak. though i keep joking about getting an intern, a la Steve Zissou, and i do look forward to a time when i’m not the only one getting this show on the road, but in the midst of t-shirt mayhem, half packed for heading east this week, i don’t mind being a one woman army. at least, i’m feeling hopeful that the work can pay off.

there’s thunder/lightning in vancouver tonight. terribly romantic weather for late night blogging surely… okay i have to go post this on facebook now… ha.


– it’s very chilly in here (i think the cat window is open, but the cold has yet to win over the laziness for me to check)

– i’ve posted another new sneak peek track from the new album, under audio to the left you’ll find “nothing’s changed”

– coincidentally, “nothing’s changed” was written in a very cold room (perhaps i should grab my guitar before closing the window, if this air inspires)

– once again, t-shirt making has come down to the last few hours before leaving on tour… there’s a STACK (all caps, as in precarious, overflowing, abundant multi-coloured pile) of t-shirts on the living room floor, waiting for me to silkscreen them. and in two sleeps, there’s a ferry (or there will be, if life continues as it is) to take me to the island for 3 shows this weekend where i hope to have for sale, said t-shirts. screened and ironed and looking their best. will she or won’t she? i think i need to break it down in to small hills of clothing, the mountain is daunting…

– there’s a typo on the poster for the cd release party, AND a typo in a facebook update i just sent out. together, the two, are taunting me.

– ah. laziness is fighting a losing battle as the chill has fully enveloped me now. off to put the kettle on and close the window. no worries for the cat as i can hear him snoring on the couch behind me… beau reves.

in honour of spring slowly unravelling, i’m sharing the first song off the upcoming album. find “sad story over” under “the wedding singer and the undertaker” in audio, to the left

the cross canada cd release tour is fast approaching, but for now, no matter which corner of the earth your ears are in, you can listen online : ) i’ll be posting more songs as we near the release date. stay tuned…

in Kaslo, BC

tonight is the last show Coco and Ian and I will do together – for awhile anyway. i have one of our tour posters (the beautiful hand sikscreened by simon tour posters) above my desk and am feeling sentimental about the past few weeks. after a winter of staying in, to record the album and get it ready for the world, i had to take a good stretch before hitting the road again. it is, of course, like riding a bike, and after our first stop in kelowna, it felt like i’d never taken a break from touring. in a good way : ) it was a series of wonderful shows, i must say. thank you all.

and now the final touches are being put on the may-june cross canada tour. i still need to make t-shirts (new designs coming up!, and get the posters sorted, but the dates seem to have fallen into place. i had to get a new vehicle – yes, the bc tour drove my poor Alske van into the ground… she’s resting peacefully now, and i’ve a young buckroo mazda that i’ve been taming on the side streets of east van. we haven’t named her yet. nick suggested “puteulanus orcas” which is latin for blue whale (tells you something about the vehicle doesn’t it…) but that hardly rolls of the tongue like Alske, or my previous Ringer, Clunky and Cora Faye…

i was giddy packing up all the pre-orders of the new album, and wish i could be handing it out on street corners! but the rest of you will have to wait for the May 20th release! oh that reminds me i have to get the release party organized as well. here i go*


i just posted some clips on youtube of me performing solo on the last island tour. one is of “i will”, which is such an old song in some ways. 5 years? 6? wow. i still play it at almost every show. i think because it was one of my first, i still feel so attached to it.

the other clip is of “oh yes oh yes” which is a new song that will be on the new album (release date may 20th, lest we forget! : )

that set was opening for my dear coco love alcorn who i’ll be touring with this month as well. i love that woman. check out the gigs page for the dates. we’ll be joined by ian sherwood – he’s coming all the way from nova scotia!

but before the van rolls out for kelowna, there’s much work to be done. i am in serious need of clean clothes. the kitchen is a mess. i want to mail out the pre-order albums on wednesday for all you darlings who are waiting. i could certainly use some sleep… “my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it; I’m swamped!” name that movie!

*good night*

a couple of days ago I had the distinct pleasure of recording some back up vocals on the upcoming TOFU album. if you know my friends Tons Of Fun Univerity, you love them. if you don’t, check them out because they will have you clamouring on top of tables and declaring your love for their work.

it was my first time doing “bgs” and i had a blast! so fun to just sing, and not be the focus. the songs are fantastic and i can’t wait to hear the album… i sound like a press release, but i definitely encourage you to check out the TOFU boys on their march tour – check their facebook or myspace for deets. i guarantee they won’t dissapoint.

mr. c.r. avery, of his own solo fame, and member of TOFU, has been our temporary roommate this month. beatboxing sounds travel from the other room and i remember seeing him perform for the first time a few years ago. i was new to the drive, wide-eyed and tongue-tied at the poetry slam. my friend pippa and i marvelled at his skill and imagined his personality. now we watch hours of sopranos episodes together, him, his lady, my man… you never know where you’ll be a year from now…
go listen to TOFU. : )

happy new year! i feel that i have really hit the ground running this year, keeping very busy getting the album done (we shot the photos for the artwork yesterday, mixing will be finished this month…) and booking the may-july cross canada tour. oh yes, cross canada. that’s a lot of shows, and a lot of hanging out we get to do. i’m stoked.

but before that van gets loaded up, the album’s got to come out! thus, The Wedding Singer & The Undertaker will be released May 20th! you heard it here first ladies and gentlemen : )

In The Studio

How quickly autumn found us! i can’t believe the summer went by so quickly… i spent most of it in preparation for the new album – i got the grant from Canada Council for the Arts! so there’s been lots of planning, budgeting, thinking… and last week, we went into the studio and began recording. you can now PRE-ORDER the new album! yes, click here to read more about pre-ordering the new album “The Wedding Singer & The Undertaker”.

if you want to see some photos from the studio sesions so far, go to the facebook group or myspace.

la la!


well it’s another late night of to do lists and deadlines… there’s much work to be done! but it’s good work. or as gershwin wrote “nice work if you can get it”.

the most important business matter is that MYÂ MUSICÂ VIDEOÂ ISÂ DONE! it’s for the track “scared, too”. i was blessed to work with award-winning auteur William Morrison and am pleased as punch with our little movie. you can watch under ‘video‘ or go to YouTube or Myspace.

now i must finish packing, i’ve a flight to catch in a few hours. we’re off to toronto for NXNE. until then,



T-shirt factory! after i handpicked a fine collection of pre-loved t-shirts from various thrift stores, nick drew up the design and silkscreened each one. our bathroom became a t-shirt field in full bloom as they dried. on tour it was a delight to sort through the suitcase of sizes and styles with everyone – next time i’ll have even more to choose from. any excuse for me to go shopping…

I am taking a midnight break from writing grant applications to post this. yes it’s all part of the process for my next album. i was in the studio this week recording some new demos – after touring solo for the past while, it felt great to be playing with the boys again.

back to work for me, and a good night to you*