I’ve been laying low, it’s true – more about that another time. Meanwhile, in these days of downtime there are spurts of productivity, mostly catching up on things I’ve always meant to do. Or finish.

Like make my long lost first ever recording – my 2002 EP “Starter” – available to you! (more…)

(as sent to Christa Couture mailing list May 10 2010)

Comrades! It’s been a long time and I’ve missed you too. Let’s catch up. First off:

I need your help! With your vote I could perform at Lilith Fair in Vancouver!

…12 years ago I was a teenager in the audience at Lilith Fair Vancouver. I loved it. I hadn’t even started to play guitar yet then and was far from sharing my music with the public. I was so inspired by seeing many of my favorite artists live. Being part of it now would be AMAZING but I need your help! The Fair is choosing ONE local artist from each city they stop in via a voting process online. At first I found the process kind of confusing so I will detail the steps here. Let me know if they don’t make sense. You are, as ever, the best.

  1. Login with your Facebook account or create a new login at OurStage – http://www.ourstage.com
  2. Go to my artist page  and click “make this my favourite artist” on the right. This will help my song come up sooner in the voting/listening.
  3. At the top, click on “Judge” tab, then on the right “Lilith Fair Channels” then select “Lilith Local Talent Search: Vancouver”
  4. Four artists come up for you to rate – listen to at least 15 seconds of each song (there’s some crap, and then there’s some gems you just might love)
  5. Drag the photos to the right in your order of preference and click “Lock in Vote”. You’ll get another four artists.
  6. You may go through a few rounds of voting on other artists before you get to a batch of four with me and my song “I Will” in it, so please keep voting until you do!
  7. Once you DO see me, place me at #1 and then “Lock in Vote”
  8. Know that your support means a lot to me. Thank you!

You can do this once a day if you want, but once in total is appreciated too. Please do so by May 24th when the top 20 will go onto the next round!

In other news… where have I been for the past year? I had a baby! Last May. And so it’s been a year of laying low musically – save for the many lullabies. Here on YouTube is a video of me performing at 8 months pregnant last spring, just before going into hiding with my wee new family. Now that spring has unfolded again, I’m starting to bring this YOU + ME part of my life back into focus. I have missed you guys and sharing my music with your ears in person.

I’m glad to be back at it and though I sometimes forget to send out these newsletters – Twitter gets the bulk of my attention (okay I’m maybe addicted), there’s the less often but occasional Facebook updates, and of course my sorely out of date blog -Â but I aim to send this newsletter out as often as there are performances/recordings/causes – the meatiest news – to share with you. I’ve a general rule of no more than one per month, but hopefully there will be enough going on that it’s not another year before we speak!

Until next time,

Stevie Salas was one of the hosts at the Aboriginal Music Awards last year. He’s a charming guy. It became a running joke after various women accepted their awards he would have a comment that ended with “are hot”. Like “country singers are hot”. After I received the best folk album award, he said “crying is hot”. Yup, I cried. What can I say? It was an emotional album, the songs, the making of, the dedication… but later I groaned at being the crying girl. I’m over it now, or at least okay with being the heart-on-the-sleeve one in the crowd, and soon I will be meeting Stevie again – this time, hopefully, sans tears!

Mr. Salas is host of the APTN show “Arbor Live” and I’ve been selected to be on their upcoming season! I’m pleased as punch. You can check out the show at www.myspace.com/arborlive

I’m greatly looking forward to being on the show and will keep you posted on taping/airing. Woot!

(as sent to the mailing list:)

hello friends*

something for you Canadians… remember last november when i was part of the Aboriginal Music Awards? when i got to perform at the skydome and received the “best folk album” award? of course you do! well, they’re finally airing the event on CityTV!

the one hour special of the highlights from the night includes my performance of “the declaration of spring” along with performances by Buffy Sainte-Marie, Tanya Tagaq, Crystyal Shawanda, Stevie Salas and more…

on CityTV stations Canada wide, 8pm Friday June 19th.

here’s a promo.



One Foot Tapping Records is pleased to announce the online release of Christa Couture’s new music video!

“‘Nothing’s Changed’ is a song about failing my personal growth homework” says Couture of the second single from her album “The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker”. When meeting with Vancouver director and animator Belinda Fung, who created the music video for the song, Couture gave her just that bit of insight and handed over all creative control. “I love working with visual artists, animators, filmmakers. Giving a song of mine to someone and allowing them to take whatever direction they are inspired to is, in turn, very inspiring to me”.

What Fung created is a layered and charming, yet bittersweet animated story that is set in a retro video game world. Starting at “Game Over”, the character runs the game in reverse, retracing her steps, losing experience and repairing the broken heart that led to her demise – ultimately finding herself back at the beginning.

Watch the video at:

“The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker”
– won best folk album at the 2008 Aboriginal Music Awards
– hit the top 10 on CBC Radio 3 in August 2008
…and you can get the cd at CDBaby, or download it from iTunes and Zunior!

tap tap.

(as sent to the Christa Couture mailing list Feb/3/09):

As this is my first missive of 2009, I must begin with a heartfelt exclamation of Happy New Year! What’s left of it anyway. And as for this note, it shall be brief, thus:

1) Gigs: Performance at the Chan Centre
2) Do you tweet?
3) the CAMAS in case I didn’t tell you already
4) In conclusion

1) Gigs. There’s just the one coming up – I’m taking time off from les gigs for the next wee while. I hope to be at some summer festivals and will let you know when we’re closer to those sunnier days! But for now, I’ve this one fantastic show coming up:

Sunday February 15th, 8pm
The Chan Centre for Performing Arts
at UBC, Vancouver (BC people, have you been to this place? It’s outstanding. Most recently I saw Ani DiFranco there, and before that a solo performance by Philip Glass. It’s SUCH a beautiful room and I’m ecstatic to be making music in it).Tickets $16-22 from Ticketmaster. 604.280.3311 or http://www.ticketmaster.ca

I’ll be joined by 5 piece version of my band (huzzah!) and we’re opening up for Lynn Manning‘s incredible one man show “Weights”. The night is presented by Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad, KicksART Festival and The Chan Centre for Performing Arts.

2) are you on Twitter? If so, you can now follow me and I you! http://twitter.com/christacouture

3) In November, I was honoured to receive BEST FOLK ACOUSTIC ALBUM from the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. It was a fantastic event. The gala, at which I performed (as did Tanya Tagaq (swoon!) and Buffy Sainte Marie (double swoon!) ) will be broadcast on CityTV sometime this year. I’ll keep you posted.

4) Though I haven’t been on stage often this past couple months, they have been a busy time. A winter hibernation time of writing new material and dreaming up new projects. I hope these months have kept you cosy too and I hope also to see/hear/read you all soon.






Nominated in both Best Female Artist and Best Folk Acoustic Album at this years Aboriginal Music Awards, I came home with an impressive shiny award for the latter.

“Couture impressed with her solo acoustic guitar performance” wrote ChartAttack, but I was backed by the most fabulous house band (thank you Raven et all!) which included Cris Derksen. Who is amazing. And cree also : ) She accompanied, solo, the mind-blowing Tanya Tagaq, who I watched, amazed, from the wings. I’m going to steal Cris for my next gig in February at the Chan Centre…

I must correct the intro I received though – though I was given an Arapaho name as a child, I am not, in fact, Arapaho. I’m part Cree! A small detail, but one to be clarified : )

The awards were divided into two nights – the first of which is where/when I received the Best Folk Album award. The second night, at which I performed, will be televised in the new year on CityTV. I will surely let you all know of the time and date as soon as I myself am aware!



TORONTO, Nov. 11 /CNW/ – The legendary Buffy Sainte-Marie, roots rockers Eagle and Hawk and country star Crystal Shawanda are just a few of the top names confirmed to perform at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards gala, taking place Friday, November 28th at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

With five nods each Eagle and Hawk and Crystal Shawanda lead the nominations for the 10th annual awards show, which celebrates the best in Canadian Aboriginal music. Buffy Sainte-Marie will receive the Lifetime Contribution to Aboriginal Music special honour during the live event.

Hosted by Aboriginal actors Don Kelly and Renae Morriseau, additional performers slated to perform during the three-hour CAMA extravaganza include multiple nominees Tanya Tagaq (3), Fara Palmer (3), Christa Couture (2), Jace Martin (2), and Leanne Goose (2), as well as single nominees Stevie Salas, Darren Lavallee, Northern Cree and 7th Generation. West coast Aboriginal dance group the Eagle Song Dancers will also perform as part of the event’s tribute to the traditions and symbolism of the western coastal Aboriginal people.

Tickets for the 2008 CAMAs are on sale now through Ticketmaster, by phone or online at ticketmaster.ca. Reserved floor seats are $35 in advance ($40 at the door) and general admission seats are $20. Tickets may also be purchased day of show at the box office located at Gate 7 at the Rogers Centre. Visit www.canab.com for more information.

i love performing solo, i do. it doesn’t matter what mistakes i make, and what set lists i don’t… BUT, it can also get so lonely! SO, i dreamed a little something up so that i would get to do my thing, have others play with me, AND also get to sit back and listen to music i love. thus, the EAST VAN BOX SET tour.

i asked my friends (the gorgeous) sara ciantar – who played accordion on my album Fell Out of Oz, is a singer-songwriter herself, and a member of a couple of Vancouver’s best bands – and (the adorable) aaron joyce – who joins me frequently on guitar, played a handful of instruments on The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker, including arranging all the strings and horn parts, and has 5 diverse and incredible projects of his own rocking Vancouver – if they’d be up for a good old fashioned “in the round” tour. they said yet. and we’ve been having a blast rehearsing. and now comes the time to share the fruits of our labour!

this month we’re doing a handful of shows on the island, and one in merritt. next month we’ll be heading into the interior of BC. here’s a quick list of the dates, if you’re in the area, come!

Thursday Oct 2 DUNCAN, BC Duncan Garage Showroom

Friday Oct 3 VICTORIA, BC The Solstice Cafe

Saturday Oct 4 COURTENAY, BC Joe’s Garage

Sunday Oct 5 UCLUELET, BC Wild Heather Books

Friday Oct 10 MERRITT, BC Iron Mountain Music

beep beep,