It’s official: I’m making a new album called The Living Record.

Since I made my last album, the concept of “pre-sales” as funding has reached a whole new level of awesomeness, for all concerned, as “crowd-funding” has taken off with the likes of Kickstarter, FundBreak and IndieGoGo.

Thus, it is also official: I’ve launched a campaign to support the making of The Living Record. (more…)

Tomorrow my two new EPs will be available. Arguably, LOVED, isn’t new. It is three songs from my album FELL OUT OF OZ, and two from THE WEDDING SINGER AND THE UNDERTAKER. If you’re reading this blog, you may well already be familiar with my work. If you’re already familiar with my work, you’ve likely heard those songs.

LOVED is for the newcomers, the hmm, who’s this? folk who may like a taste of my work. For them, LOVED is a good place to start.

(Out of context, I like that sentence: Loved is a good place to start). (more…)

We all have our strengths and natural aptitude. Mine is not a green thumb. I’ve a few houseplants that I constantly yank from the brink of death and many that I never could maintain or save. The three stalks of “fool-proof” bamboo I was given have even dwindled to one. I gaze out at my patio and admire my dirt/weed garden where nothing I’ve tried to cultivate has lasted, and I don’t mind. (more…)

My first gig ever was at The Railway club, some eight (nine?) years ago. I’d never played at an open mic or even for friends for that matter – few of them knew I was even writing songs – and Murray Atkinson (my guitar teacher at the time who also recorded my first demos) invited me to play an opening set for his band. There’s video of it around here somewhere that I have never watched but I remember it well. My knees were water beneath me and most of my will went to fighting the nerves that shook my whole body. I was a wreck. (more…)

I’ve wanted to tell you something. At least to make some kind of record of this shift, these seismic waves.

As a songwriter, I’m pretty much an open book. The songs I record and perform are almost entirely autobiographical, literal and, I hope, conversational. I often joke that I’m not very imaginative and half-joke that I’m too self-involved to write any other way – but I like it that way. It gives me somewhere to put all these internal thoughts, step back and learn from them; to ask you a great big “know what I mean, bean?” and, thankfully, hear your reply. (more…)

I’m continuing on my digital clean-up here, this process of getting ducks in a row and online. Thank you to everyone who downloaded “Starter” and let me know. It felt a bit in the interest of posterity to post it in an official way, and I’m glad I did – *check* on the list.

Three years after “Starter” I recorded my first full-length album “Fell Out of Oz” with Futcher here in Vancouver. I adore Futcher – he is one of my top five make-me-laugh-the-most people in the world and making the album with him was fantastic fun.

In the interest of amusing only ourselves, I think, we put an “easter egg” track called “What Peace Is” on the album (more…)